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Maxim Home Healthcare
Description: Location: Summit , New Jersey
A Behavioral Supervisor provides supervisory oversight to EIA Tutors and certain other EIA Supervisors. As a service provider an Behavioral Supervisor consults, provides training to caregivers, conducts behavioral evaluations of children with ASD, and directs behavioral plan development for TRICARE beneficiaries. As a supervisor a Behavioral Supervisor is a clinical teacher who educates, observes, assesses, and supervises the educational activities and service delivery of EIA Tutors.
We are currently looking for Part Time employees.
Week Day Shifts Available (Mon-Fri): Days, Evenings
Weekend Shifts Available (Sat/Sun): Days, Evenings Qualifications: POSITION REQUIREMENTS:
Education: A Behavioral Supervisor must be a(n):
a. Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), as certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) or
b. Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCABA), as certified by the BACB, who is supervised by a BCBA; or
c. Individual who is currently approved by the BACB to take the BCBA examination; and
Submits a copy of the approval notification on BACB letterhead that is dated not more than two years prior to the date of application for TRICARE authorization;
Who is supervised by or supervises EIA providers jointly with a BCBA; or
d. Individual who meets the minimum degree requirements to be eligible to sit for the BCBA examination;
Submits documentation of having completed at least 169 classroom hours of graduate level instruction in the content areas identified by the BACB;
Submits documentation of having completed 75% of the experience requirements to be eligible to sit for the BCBA examination;
Who is supervised by a BCBA; or
e. Individual who meets the degree requirements for BCBA examination, has eight years of professional experience in implementing, designing, and overseeing behavior analysis services for individuals with autism:
Submits letters from employers and/or other reasonable proof documenting eight years of professional experience in implementing, designing, and overseeing behavior analysis services for individuals with autism;
Has submitted on his behalf a confidential evaluation of professional competence in implementing, designing, and overseeing behavior analysis services for individuals with autism, recommendation as a competent supervisor of trainees in the field and attestation of professional ethics from each of three BCBAs;
Who is supervised by a BCBA; or if seeking waiver of the supervision requirement, submit the attestations of three BCBA's that in their professional judgments the individual does not require on-going supervision of his work from a BCBA.
Training: Forty (40) hours are required and may have been completed during or apart from the educational experiences required in the Participation Agreement. The training must have been provided by:
A United States or Canadian institution of higher education fully or provisionally accredited by a regional, state, provincial or national accrediting body; or
A Joint Commission or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities accredited health care facility; or
A private agency whose primary business activity is the delivery of services to children with developmental disabilities and whose governing board includes one or more BCBAs; or
Web-based instruction not provided by an accredited institution of higher education; and
In the instance of the latter 3., the training curriculum has been approved by the BACB or a currently certified BCBA.
At a minimum the training must cover the following topics:
Introduction to ASD, AS, and ABA and typical child development;
Principles of ABA including reinforcement, prompting and fading, shaping, chaining, maintenance and generalization, extinction and punishment;
Discrete trial training, natural environment training and discrimination training;
Basic functional behavioral assessment;
Introduction to verbal behavior and its analysis including mands, tacts, echoics, intraverbals, and feature, function and class;
Instructional control procedures including pairing with reinforcement, environmental manipulations, and pacing;
Treating challenging behavior including functional assessment and function based interventions, introduction to preventive interventions, least restrictive/intrusive model of intervention, and antecedent modification strategies;
Behavioral data collection, graphing, and basic data analysis;
Legal, ethical, and safety issues including working with families and vulnerable populations;
Provider standards and ethics;
The impact of children with ASD on family members and family function.
1. Directly and indirectly supervised fieldwork experiences must meet either of the following.
Fifty (50) hours directly supervised fieldwork and a minimum of 500 hours indirectly supervised fieldwork. Indirectly supervised fieldwork must have been completed prior to providing EIA services to TRICARE beneficiaries under this Demonstration; or
Forty (40) hours directly supervised fieldwork (all hours must be in-person contact between prospective EIA Tutor and supervisor) over no more than 12 weeks must have been initiated and completed within the 12 months prior to providing EIA services to TRICARE beneficiaries under this Demonstration.
2. PPD or chest x-ray if applicable
3. Participation and completion of Maxim's competency program
4. Criminal background check which shall include Federal Criminal, State Criminal, County Criminal and Sex Offender reports for the state and county in which the providers are currently working and residing.
RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Clinical Services and/or Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Behavior Supervisors must:
1. Adhere to BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct Sections 1-5 (available at ). For the purposes of the Demonstration, the term "behavior analyst" used in the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct shall apply to EIA Supervisors. (NOTE: All Behavior Supervisors must report to the Maxim within 15 days sanctions issued by the BACB for violation of published disciplinary standards (available at ).
2. Submit information/documentation required to become TRICARE authorized as an EIA Supervisor
3. Maintain documentation of receiving on-going supervision by or performing joint supervision with a BCBA as is required
4. Serve as a principal supervisor to EIA Tutors and Tutors-in-Training employed by or contracted by Maxim Healthcare Services
5. Serve as the lead in the development of the BP, EPR and quarterly family treatment progress meetings for TRICARE beneficiaries receiving services through the Maxim Healthcare Services
6. Initiate professional self improvement
7. Communicate effectively orally and in writing
8. Demonstrate sensitivity to non-behavioral providers
9. Know personal and professional limitations
10. Submit documentation in a timely manner
11. Maintains proper attire and demeanor
At Maxim we understand that our employees are our greatest asset, and we are happy to offer them the following benefits:
Flexible Scheduling
24 hour On-call Service
Competitive Pay
Direct Deposit
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance & 401(k)
Positive Work Environment
Care Managers and other referral sources rely on Maxim for our dedication to quality service. Delivering the highest level of care, Maxim serves the needs of youth and families who have a substantiated need for care in the comfort of their home. To learn more about Maxim's exciting employment opportunities please email your resume to or complete a brief online application at
Maxim Healthcare is an industry leader, providing compassionate home healthcare since 1988. As a full-service healthcare company, we have earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions that improve health and enhance the quality of life for our patients. Our dedication to customer service and improving patient care, combined with our commitment to employing only quality healthcare professionals has made Maxim one of the mos
Location: Summit, NJ
Required Licenses: See Qualifications
Shifts Available: Week Day Shifts Available (Mon-Fri): Days, Evenings Weekend Shifts Available (Sat/Sun): Days, Evenings
Post Date: 12/3/2014
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